Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Flaming Rock Dragon


To get this dragon you can breed an Earth Dragon and a Fire Dragon at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree. This may also result in a Vulcano Dragon.

Flaming Rock Dragon
Flamingrock adult.png

"What happens when you set earth eternally on fire? This Dragon is one of the most energetic ones around. Flaming Rock especially loves Rock music and Dragon Chili snacks."
Vital statistics
AvailableLevel 1
HabitatEarth Dragon Symbol.gifFire Dragon Symbol.gif
Incubation Time30 minutes
Gem Cost25Gem template.png
Sell200Gold Bar Icon.png
Hatch50Xp template.png
Porky, Koko, Xili, Twinkie, Gaper, Chad, Keiko, Dino, Isaac, Ben, Elliot, Rodney, Gaston, Ali

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