Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Plankton Dragon

Plankton Dragon

"Comfortable both under and above water, this dragon is known as the "wanderer" - able to travel thousands of miles without a rest. With its magnificent glow, it's especially impressive at night."
Vital statistics
AvailableCarnival Games (Oct 25 - Oct 28)
HabitatElem WaterElem Earth
Incubation Time12 hours
ResistanceElem EarthElem FireElem PlantElem Dark
WeakElem IceElem MetalPureEarth
ImmuneElem Electric
Gem CostN/AGem template
Gold CostN/AGold Bar Icon
Sell100,000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch5,000Xp template

This Dragon is Unavailable through conventional breeding means. It was originally a Carnival game Prize and can still be obtained through regular events such as ' The Wheel of fortune' and 'The Black Market' (For Gems).

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