Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Alien Dragon

Alien Dragon
Alien 2

"its a dragon from another universe,a completely unindentified and an alien entity! don't even try to fool this creature, it can read your mind before you even think your thoughts!."
Vital statistics
HabitatWater Dragon SymbolMetal Dragon Symbol
Incubation Time12
ResistanceWater Dragon SymbolMetal Dragon Symbol
WeakFire Dragon SymbolDark Dragon SymbolPureWater
ImmuneEarth Dragom Symbol
Gem CostN/AGem template
Gold CostN/AGold Bar Icon
Sell100.000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch10.000 XPXp template
Toto Koko

The Alien Dragon is a new Dragon. 
This dragon cannot be obtained by breeding. It may however be USED in breeding

  • His body looks like the robot dragon's body.

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