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Poo Dragon


This is currently the only Dragon comprised of 3 elements, meaning no matter how you breed it, at least one of the two dragons you use will have to be hybrid. This dragon is also the rarest of all the game hybrids after the Pure Dragon. It may take a VERY long time, many failures and it's almost impossible to get this dragon by breeding. It has been known to take months and it's likely to require a Legendary Hybridand a Rare Hybrid to breed. Of course you can get it without a Legendary Hybrid too. These are a few possible options to breed:

Poo Dragon
Poo Dragon

"Sometimes considered slightly disgusting, but in some parts of the world the Poo Dragon is known to bring good luck and fortunes for its owner. Are you brave enough to take it on your island?"
Vital statistics
AvailableLevel 20
HabitatEarth Dragom SymbolWater Dragon SymbolDark Dragon Symbol
Incubation Time15 hours
ResistanceElem EarthElem Fire
WeakElem IceElem MetalPureEarthPureWater
ImmuneElem Electric
Gem Cost1,000Gem template
Sell250,000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch200,000Xp template

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