Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

T-rex Dragon

T-rex Dragon
T-rex dragon 31

"The T-Rex dragon still greatly resembles one of the most dangerous hunters ever. Something changed along the way though since this specimen is one of the most harmless dragons around."
Vital statistics
HabitatElem FireElem Electricadd
Incubation Time12 Hours
ResistanceElem FireElem Metaladd
WeakElem WaterElem ElectricPureFireadd
ImmuneElem Plantadd
Gem Costn/aGem template
Gold Costn/aGold Bar Icon
Sell5000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch30000Xp template

name Type
Stunning hitPhysical
Flaming ArrowsElem Fire
Head buttPhysical
Electric shockElem Electric

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