Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Octopus Dragon

Octopus Dragon

"This dragon is the boss of all the pirates and can fight up to 8 opponents at the same time with its evil tentacles while raising its shiny sword! Beat it and you can be very proud of your achievement."
Vital statistics
Availablepirate quest
HabitatElem DarkElem Wateradd
Incubation Time12 hours
ResistanceElem ElectricElem Darkadd
WeakElem EarthElem PlantPure darkadd
ImmuneElem Iceadd
Gem Cost0Gem template
Gold Cost0Gold Bar Icon
Sell5,000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch30,000Xp template
Skipper, Bitz, Nibbles, Roxy


Stunning HitPhysical Attack
FloodingWater Dragon Symbol
Judo KickPhysical Attack
Ghost CloudDark Dragon Symbol

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