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Dino Island

Dino Island

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Collect Dinosaur bones, fight nd find hidden objects to win the amazing unique dragon prizes.


  • To get T-Rex Dragon, you have to win daily fights, including the last battle against Bronto and T-Rex opponents.
  • To getBrontosaurus Dragon, you have to collect all items (including hidden object).


  • Collect items around Dragon City to win unique Dragon 1prizes!
  • Remember that you can collect more items by using speedups in farming, breeding and asking from friends!
  • You can collect from breeding, farming, asking from friends, collecting habitats, finding hidden objects and daily fights!


  • Pirate Claws (15) get from collecting habitats 5 Gems to speed this up
  • Ribs (15) get from farming 5 Gems to speed this up
  • Daily Fight (10) 5 Gems to speed this up
  • Hidden Objects (1) 5 Gems to speed this up
  • Teeth (15) get from breeding 5 Gems to speed this up
  • Skull (15) get from asking friends 5 Gems to speed this up
You can buy it all for 280 gems, if you compleet items on the list the price will go down.

Daily Fight

  • Battle point 1: Nature Dragon (match hp & lv + bonus; example lv 21 11160 HP)

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