Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Jellyfish Dragon

This dragon can not be bred. Instead it is a prize on the Pirate Island Minigame (Starting February 8th 2013), which can be obtained by collecting all 70 items within 20 days.
You can get this beautiful dragon by getting 70 items on pirate quest
Jellyfish Dragon
[[Symbol 29|250px]]

""Sometimes the most beautiful thing can be the most harmful. Looking at the Jellyfish dragon might feel like a mesmerizing dream, until you get too close...""
Vital statistics
AvailablePirate Quest
HabitatElem WaterElem Plantadd
Incubation Time12 hours
ResistanceElem WaterElem Plantadd
WeakElem FireElem DarkPureWateradd
ImmuneElem Earthadd
Gem CostN/AGem template
Gold CostN/AGold Bar Icon
Sell5,000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch30.000Xp template
Hard ChargePhysical Attack
FloodingWater Dragon Symbol
Head ButtPhysical Attack
Leaf BlastPlant Dragon Symbol

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