Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Hydra Dragon

Hydra Dragon
Hydra dragon 31

"The legend tells that when you cut one of Hydra's heads off, two more will grow in its place. So you better keep this dragon with a poisonous breath on your friendly side!."
Vital statistics
AvailableBlack Market
HabitatElem ElectricElem Wateradd
Incubation Time12 Hours
ResistanceElem ElectricElem Iceadd
WeakElem WaterElem PlantPure Electric Dragon Symboladd
ImmuneElem Metaladd
Gem Costn/aGem template
Gold Costn/aGold Bar Icon
Sell5000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch30000Xp template

name Type
Hard chargePhysical
Laser beamElem Electric
Stunning hitPhysical
StormElem Water

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