Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Fossil Dragon

Fossil Dragon
Fossil 3.png

"The unique quality of the Fossil dragon is that it can be trapped in ice for centuries and yet fly as agile as an eagle when the ice melts again. This dragon has a lot of stories to tell."
Vital statistics
HabitatDark Dragon Symbol.gifIce Dragon Symbol.gif
Incubation Time12 hrs
ResistanceElectric Dragon Symbol.gif
WeakPlant Dragon Symbol.gifEarth Dragon Symbol.gif
ImmuneIce Dragon Symbol.gif
Gem CostN/AGem template.png
Gold CostN/AGold Bar Icon.png
Sell100,000Gold Bar Icon.png
HatchaddXp template.png

The only ways to obtain this dragon are to reach lv 20 in Social Wars, or obtaining 10 potions in an earlier Potion Game.

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